Christmas Candle Almost Sold out!!!

we produced 100 candles for Christmas, this week we are almost no stock, we will produce more than 100 candles.
Because we have many requests for the Christmas candle.

35€ - free delevery 
180gr - +- 45h00
100 Natural wax


Our perfume Délivre Moi in the TOP 10 Autumn Fragrances in the Style.it

Délivre Moi

There are two beehives in Louison’s garden and one of them seemed to not be functioning properly. Upon opening it he noticed that the queen bee was stuck in the beehive and delivered her, hence the name of the fragrance which means “Deliver Me” in French. The composition of the perfume was inspired by the scents emanating from the beehive when it was opened: the insects, the honey, the wax, the woods surrounding it.

Top note: Anise, Eucalyptus.
Middle note: Geranium, Heliotrope, Jasmine.
Base note: Almond, Cypress, Honey, Musk.

Eau de Parfum 100ML / 3,38Ozfl 

Eau de Parfum 50ml / 1,69Ozfl


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Christmas soap kit

Exquisite gifts for a Wonderful Christmas

Boxe of 3 Soaps, Limited Edition 50 boxes

An enlightened tree which impregnates the house of its perfume one evening of December 24th, to recreate the magic power of the Christmas enchantment. 

3x100gr - 3.5oz with black boxe 25€, without boxe 15€
100% natural

Our soaps are manufactured and hand cut

Inspired by the traditional recipe from French master soap makers. 
Technique Indiscrete has formulated this soap with an extra-gentle vegetal base. Perfect for everyday use and rich in Shea Butter, it gently cleanses the skin without drying it and delicately perfumes it with a velvety fragrance. 

Non-irritating and suitable for men and women.


En 2011, la beauté s’est mobilisée pour le Japon

Suite au séisme japonais de mars 2011, de nombreuses entreprises du secteur du parfum et de la beauté ont réagi. Collectors caritatifs, récoltes de fonds, évènements spéciaux : revue d’ensemble des différentes initiatives.

Article de Nicolas olczyk


Cinamon - Canelle Christmas Candle

Imagine the decadent smells of dessert wafting from the kitchen during the Christmas holidays. 
The Spicy Cinnamon candle captures the aroma of brown cinnamon and sweet gingerbread


+- 45h00
100% Natural Wax

Belgian Christmas Tea

Brussels...., its waffles, chocolate and biscuits Speculos.
Imagine these three flavors together in a Christmas tea will transport you to Belgium.
delicate and delicious tea

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Our Christmas Scented Candle

An enlightened tree which impregnates the house of its perfume one evening of December 24th, to recreate the magic power of the Christmas enchantment. 

Available from the 5 November to the 25 December
Limited edition 100 pieces
180gr - 40hh00 



Our Christmas Tea

Discover Our Christmas Tea - Limited Edition 50 pieces 
50gr - 15€ available from 5 November to the 25 December

Christmas Online Store Opening

From 5 November to 25 December we have a Christmas Online Store

Disover our limited edition of our Christmas Scented Candle, Tea, Soap ..... www.techniqueindiscrete.com