Big deal at Technique Indiscrete facebook shop

This is the last weekend for the sales, we have a stock of perfume bottles with our first packaging.
So we decided to do a sale of this stock.
The bottles normally cost 65€ and we sell at 40 €.
Of course we never sales our products, but this time it is exeptional.
You can also order at sales@techniqueindiscrete.com

The first packaging in sales

The new packaging


A visit from our candles atelier

Today we went to visit our candle factory near our shop.

Here are some pictures of our manufacturing, our candles are handmade.

In September we will have our new candles.

These elegant candles have been dipped with a light wash of fragrance so that they impart a subtle hint of fragrance that will not distract the palette if used at the dinner table.


Inspiration of our new perfume

This song is one of my run for the creation of my new fragrance.
What do you think about this video, music, the atmosphere, the emotion that emanates.
The best comments receive a gift 
The price are Santa Subita 50ml and Indiscrete 50ml

I m Waiting for your comments


The plants for our Store

we went to market to buy some plants for our shopLavender, mint, sunflower, dill, sage and of course strawberries.


Near our shop

Today, I visited an antique shop near our store and I found a ray of old perfume bottles, of course I bought the bottles .....

A day in our Store......

Today, we took pictures of our store in Antwerpen....


The confiture of the week

This week we have in store the confiture of rhubarb and banana.
Only available in our Antwerpen store... 
8€ for a pot of 250gr